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Monday, 4 February 2008

Esko Mannikko

Esko Mannikko is up for his retrospective exhibition, Cocktails. It shows people from Finland in their country homes ( as shown in his fabulous book, The Female Pike) , the empty houses of rural Finland, a region depopulated because of universal economic and demographic pressures along with details of the animals that live in the places where Mannikko shoots.

“I photograph because I can’t do anything else,” says Mannikko. “And I don’t have a clear mission in my mind of what I want to show. I started with people living around me and photographed these people because they are like me. They live in the country and hunt. That’s what I do, so my work is a landscape of my own soul - but what my soul is I couldn’t say.”

Mannikko will be giving a talk at The Photographers' Gallery on Friday, which has to be good. John Davies, Fazal Sheikh and Jacob Holdt will give talks in the following weeks.

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Peter Towers said...

I saw this exhibition many years ago in Malmoe, Sweden, and it always remained in the back of my mind. I'm moved somehow by the realism in the images.