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Thursday, 21 February 2008

More Art Photography Categories

There were some interesting suggestions for the art photography categories:

Gas stations and shrubbery in an urban space were suggested - both of which could fit into the liminal category as well as their own. Depends on how you look at it.

Uninteresting subjects in front of interesting wallpaper got a mention (bit of a value judgement in there though) - but that is a bit specific. The wallpaper is nice though and could perhaps fit into a new domestic details and detritus section.

And someone mentioned friends/lovers/daughters on beige sofas.

Again, a tad too specific, and not sure exactly what he is getting at. But I think this might be the kind of image he had in mind - Sofa Portrait #23.


mark page said...

yes I remember that aticle, the great thing with SOURCE is that to be honest that is their "Bread & Butter". I would for the UK and USA add "Beaches"..........

mark page said...

Oh yes and consumer waste. And most of my work it would seem. as you say damn.