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Monday, 14 April 2008

12 Grosvenor Place


Timothy Archibald said...

i do love how you are weaving in photographs from the television...or what i'm assuming is that. it provides a great additional narrative and is as much a part of life as whatever is going on in the home.
the lightning striking house and the thing that looks like nosferatu on the tv is a great, great pairing.

colin pantall said...

Thanks Tim. I always had these different elements bouncing around which were related in some ways - as well as other elements that weren't related (though might be of the same subject matter). It's untangling it all and then putting it together that's tricky - and this is so rough it isn't true. It's put together impulsively so if there's anything else that works or doesn't work, and why (it's not flickr you know!), do tell me. And colour? Could that go in?