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Sunday, 25 May 2008

Larvotto Beach

picture: Colin Pantall

A place that ties in mutilated landscapes and no ethics is Monaco. This is Larvotto Beach, which is lovely with lots of fish in the sea!


Darrell Eager said...

Is that the Karate Kid #6 doing the praying Mantis Stance with her most recent opponent lying on the sand mid frame on the left?

colin pantall said...

You got it, Darrell - that's Philip Green (rich Englishman who lives in the apartment building behind the beach).

I love the Karate Kid and was thinking of it just this weekend. I love Back to the Future too - and saw the fire that destroyed the Clock Tower set on the tv. And last night I dreamt I met Harrison Ford and told him how much better he was in Back to the Future than the Indiana Jones Films. He looked puzzled when I said that - but I only worked out why this morning.