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Monday, 9 June 2008

Don't Buy the Sun

Continuing on the subject of football, the first part of Alexei Sayle's Liverpool showed on the BBC last Friday.

Sayle (bald, leftist comedian who holidayed in the DDR when he was a Kid) focussed on the eighties - "When Thatcher came to power in1979," he said, "me and all the other left-wing comedians knew that here was a true monster who was soon going to make us rich and famous."

More eighties nostalgia came with the Toxteth Riots and Derek Hatton, the sharp-suited Militant leader of Liverpool City Council who's now into golf-course property development in Cyprus ( confirming what many of us knew all along).

Sayle also looked at the role football played in Liverpool and the effect the Hillsborough Disaster (when 96 Liverpool supporters got crushed to death) had in the city, and how the city responded to the subsequent reporting of the event in the Murdoch-owned Sun newspaper (see front page left and check out the Don't Buy the Sun here). Just to show how good Liverpool is at bearing a grudge, Sayle burned copies of the paper in the street. A cheap, but wonderful gag.

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