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Thursday, 5 June 2008

Euro 2008

Tying in with Fred West (just one reason we in England shouldn't get too up ourselves in discussions on the small town Austrian psyche), is Austria, joint host of this year's European Championships.

Here to commemorate England's involvement in the 2006 World Cup is a picture Isabel made - that's me in the middle.

Due to England's failure to qualify, there's no picture for this year's event, and none of the usual build up of scepticism, hope and inevitable realisation of the disappointment we would have avoided if we hadn't qualified in the first place. Instead I will look forward to Ronaldo missing a few penalties and put our money on the Anti-Christ of football - Italy.

I love the pictures Isabel (and all children) make, including the ones in Yeondoo Jung's Wonderland series. I like the remakes as well. They're light and fun, and reveal something of his vision of childhood - but they do lack the brutal directness of the originals.

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