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Monday, 9 June 2008

Familiar British Wildlife

Last week I saw around my home in Bath a fox, a doormouse, a hedgehog, a green woodpecker, Peter Bowles, a Ronnie Wood lookalike and, resplendent in his socks and sandals, walking towards Pulteney Weir, Martin Parr.

The West of England is a small place, so Martin's easy to bump into (I think there may be more than one of him) - here is a picture I took of Martin when I bumped into him in Clifton, the outrageously snooty and twee (it's tweer than Bath - it is, it is, it is!) suburb of Bristol that Martin calls his home.


brendadada said...

That Ronnie Wood gets everywhere.

Anonymous said...

For sure - there's a lot of him about.