Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Flower Photograms

Fuck it, flowers it has to be. Sorry Elaine - and the colours too! Ou est le fromage?


Elaine Duigenan said...

tee hee, only just seen these! actually I do rather like the third one down - perhaps because it is the least flower like!

how are you? your blog is great; I love the current 'Ways of Thinking' piece - so simple, so clever..

Best wishes, Elaine

Anonymous said...

Hi Elaine:

Great to hear from you.
Thanks for the comments about the blog and the ways of thinking comment.

How's the work going and how did the exhibition go? Have you got a new series going?

I've moved on from the flowers but only onto leaves which is no progression at all really. Le fromage is still there for me.


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