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Tuesday, 24 June 2008

new work up on site

New work is up my website at www.colinpantall.com, including the Life on Mars series and Flora, the Flower portraits, both of which are works in progress. Any thoughts or comments are welcome, especially on the new Life on Mars images.

Thanks to Tadhg Devlin who did my website.

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Mark Page said...

Colin, I've wanted to leave a comment about this work for a couple of days. I've just posted about it so "killing two birds with one stone" here's the post.

Colin Pantall http://www.colinpantall.com/ has been featured here on this blog before. Well here he is again because, I'm a big fan of his work and it's my blog so I can. Colin also has a blog http://www.colinpantall.blogspo.com/ which is where I learnt about his new work "Flora" & "Life On Mars" that he had recently uploaded to his main website. I am loving how he has made his daughter, Isobel central to this body of work. The work has been described as, " exploring the psychological and physical escapism of childhood". I love these photographs, Quiet, reflective, no gimmicks. This is amounting to a powerful series, and it's proving my point that knowing a subject, really knowing a subject is the way to meaningful work.