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Monday, 15 September 2008

Damien Hirst the Tightwad

Robert Hughes lays into Damien Hirst in the Guardian Review amonst other sources, labelling his work "silly", "pointless" and "simple-minded."

But Hirst is of a particular time and a particular place, he's the Tony Blair of the art world - all smoke and mirrors, style and no substance.

Hirst has hit back, labelling Hughes Luddite and pompous, saying he "...probably cried when Queen Victoria died."

I think they're probably both right.

There is one extra thing Hughes missed out on in his savaging. . Hirst paid the artists who made his spot paintings £7.50 an hour - the tightwad!


mark page said...

£7.50! that's bloody good for the art world. I'm surprised he did'nt just use intern's and say that it would be good experience for them.............

colin pantall said...

Ha ha - he could have told them, "It'll look good on your CV."

Apparently he used to go to his workshops once a month to see his workers and check the spots were good, told everyone they were crap and then fucked off again.

Anyway, he's £110 million richer and he doesn't need it - so he's doing something right, financially at least.