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Thursday, 11 September 2008

The Escalating Breakdown of Urban Society

The escalating breakdown of urban society across the US

'There are two Americas - separate, unequal, and no longer even acknowledging each other except on the barest cultural terms. In the one nation, new millionaires are minted every day. In the other, human beings no longer necessary to our economy, to our society, are being devalued and destroyed'

In the Guardian Magazine, David Simon (producer and writer of The Wire) speculated on why urban juries in Baltimore were 30 times less likely to find defendants guilty of the most serious charges as suburban juries, he wondered why 100,000 people out of a population of 700,000 were arrested in one year and why those people were almost all black.

And then he wondered why this was barely discussed in either The Baltimore Sun or the national press or even the presidential election.

So why is it we avoid the blindingly obvious, why can't we see what's in front of our eyes.


mark page said...

I was begining to think that it was happening here. In Manchester we have a Chanel within 500yards of an Aldi! I kid you not. Perhaps the coming recession may put the "scuppers" on it? perhaps a case of every cloud?

Darrell Eager said...

The U.S.A has gone into another Joseph McCarthy era and unless Obama wins this up coming election the whole world is doomed! And will not recover until 2016.

Stan B. said...

There won't be nothing left to recover after these rank bastards take hold.

People of the world- we were like you once...

colin pantall said...

Mark - the recession will absolutely put the scuppers on it. Even in Bath, we have our little pockets that are just left to decay - any ideas of responsibility or providing services are being abdicated as work is handed over to the voluntary sector.

Darrell and Stan - the best thing about the Republicans is their outrageous chutzpah in saying they are going to challenge Washington and big business, how they are the friends of the little people! I read a quote in a UK paper yesterday from a woman who was going to vote Republican because Sarah Palin "...is smart about drilling for oil and giving the money back to the people."

Excusez moi, mon French, but Fuck me!

Meanwhile in the UK, our next prime-minister is going to be, David Cameron, a man who failed to get the first job (with the Conservative) he applied for through the usual interview technique. So he got an equerry at Buckingham Palace to phone the Conservative Party and so started his steady rise in politics - best of all he doesn't believe there's really a class system in Britain.

We're all fucking doomed! And the Hadrons haven't even started yet.