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Thursday, 18 September 2008

Henry Iddons Lake District

It never rains in the Lake District in the same way that it never rains in Wales - never. The nice thing about the Lake District and Wales is the mountains they are classy in an understated kind of way - . Snowdon or Scafell Pike, the tallest mountains in Wales and England respectively, do not have the vulgarity of the mountains of India, Nepal or even France. They stand a modest height, 1,000m or so, and you can climb them in morning. Which is why I found myself up Scafell Pike this summer, sitting in the mist on a pile of rocks with Chris Bonnington and 200 other people next to me.

Henry Iddon's Spots of Time project captures the remoteness of the Lake District while also pointing to the lack of a real English wilderness. Shot at dusk, they show the Lake District at peace, without visitors, a recollection to a time when only a poetic few walked its pikes and fells.


Darrell Eager said...

For most of my life because of misinformation I always thought my name sake was German and only recently found out that my forefathers came from Wales.
So now I have reason other beauty to visit Wales.

colin pantall said...

Welsh like Sally Mann!

Wales is beautiful and down to earth (the wealthier English go to Cornwall in the Southwest). Plan yourself a trip there, Darrell, and say hello on the way.