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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

National Portrait Gallery/Taylor-Wessing Portrait Prize shortlist

Here is the shortlist for the NPG portrait prize - portraits by Lottie Davies, Hendrik Kerstens, Catherine Balet and Tom Stoddart. I like the Lottie Davies picture, Quints, best so hope that wins.

My favourite from the whole competition is of course my entry, not shortlisted but in the show and below.


Mark Page said...

yeah, getting pretty sick off seeing "yoofs lit up by elctrical gear" as in second one down. A new art photo cliche me thinks.......

Darrell Eager said...

I agree. I really like the Lottie Davies quints. But yours come in a strong second. After this week I'm finding the natural portraits more inviting.
I'm really finding the word verification annoying. Is it really necessary?

Luca Sage said...

Nice image Colin. I've also been selected for the show, maybe see you next week. My website, if you want a look, is www.lucasage.com. Good to see a natural light image do well!