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Friday, 26 September 2008

Photography and the Buddha

I was thinking of photography and Buddhism, how we need to humble ourselves and empty ourselves of avarice and desire in our image making (you'll get seen by....) when Sonja Engdahl sent me a link with exactly that subject. It's called Shoot the Buddha and it ties Buddhism into the working practice and much more besides.

image: Colin Pantall


Anonymous said...

I've been following this thread/train of thought of yours, and thank you for this. There's also Lens Culture's Buddha Project:

.. and also Miksang, which is an approach to taking photographs using the buddhist concept of mindfulness, which I've found really useful.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, thanks for the mention! Very awesome.

And thanks to brenda for the related links - great stuff :)

colin pantall said...

Thanks Brenda and no worries Sonja - keep the ideas going.