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Friday, 10 October 2008

Am I Mad, in a Coma or Back in Time?

A thought I have on a daily basis here in Bath.

The line (Am I mad, in a Coma or back in Time) comes from the fantastic Life on Mars, the British TV series about Sam Tyler, the time travelling cop who goes back to 1973.

This is the show that is the favourite cop show of every policeman/policewoman I have met in the last few years - and they all remember the real Gene Hunts (only much, much worse).

The American version has just launched with, amongst others, Harvey Keitel, Christopher Imperioli - Keitel is the spitting image of the English Gene Hunt which is a great start.

The British version was flawed in places, but still the best thing to hit our screens since Father Ted. I hope the American version is just as good.

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