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Monday, 13 October 2008

Among the Believers Again!

Alice Munro was brought up a Scottish Presbyterian, Timothy Archibald is a Unitarian, Carmen Winant an atheist and Sonja Engdahl a Buddhist.

Me, I'm 100% Humanist, 93% with Tim and the Unitarians, but only 13% Jehovah's Witness and in the low twenties for both Roman Catholicism and Islam, Alhumdulillah.

For a complete breakdown of your religious beliefs, go to Belief-O-Matic (if it works), the 100% scientifically proven belief-testing system that won't let you down.

picture: Colin Pantall


Anonymous said...

Ha, Mahayana Buddhist (which is how I would peg myself) came up third. My first result was actually Neo-Pagan, which I would never ever think of as a description of my beliefs. Interesting quiz!

colin pantall said...

You get some weird stuff popping up, that's for sure - I'm about 60% neo-pagan and Buddhist - though I wouldn't mind a bit more of both.