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Thursday, 9 October 2008

Humanising the Subject/Aestheticizing the Mundane

pictures: Paul Graham

Some thoughts on portraiture from Paul Graham and Andres Serrano (from a very old 1991 interview ) that connect to the previous Vanessa Winship post and also on the aestheticisation of the mundane and the mundanitization (??) of the aesthetic.

“Look at this person, really look at this person, what do you see of them? Do you see your friends, your loved ones? If you see someone’s burden, then you have begun to share their burden. To observe life is to influence life. So, do you see their humanity? Do
you see yourself?”
(Paul Graham, End of An Age, 1999)

"I am pulling at the form. My intent as an artist is to monumentalize or aestheticize the mundane. But it is also important that I identify with my subjects. The Klan people and the homeless are outcasts. I have always felt like an underdog; I root for the underdog."

Andres Serrano (1991)

full Serrano interview here


simon anstey said...

did Serrano also empathise with the corpses?

colin pantall said...

This is from before the corpses - how do you empathise with a corpse?