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Monday, 24 November 2008

More Photograms

I got an email from Elaine Duigenan last week and she reminded me of the classic photogram advice: "You have to move on from flowers".

So I did some leaves, but flowers, leaves, it's not really moving on is it. So I ate some cupcakes and photogrammed the wrappers. Behold, the cupcake wrappers.

And from an earlier interview with Elaine on Portfolio reviews and her Hairnets and Nylons, Elaine's gives her advice for older photographers:

“It’s a benefit being a little bit older and having a confidence and belief in your work. You have a lot more experience of life under your belt and so different elements come out. That’s important because... you get conflicting opinions and advice. You need to have your own voice and have confidence and self belief.”

read whole article here

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