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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

National Portrait Gallery and Purpose

The Taylor-Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize (click on link to see all the images) at the National Portrait Gallery previews tonight - Isabel with Camelias on Easter Sunday is up there, while a selection of Sofa Portraits is in the latest edition of Purpose Magazine.

This edition is dedicated to childhood and has a whole load of wonderful work in there, so thanks to Paul Demare, Gilles Raynaldy and Francesca Alberti for putting it together. A labour of love indeed!


Paul Demare said...

Thanks you for your participation in purpose #8! Love from my daughter (Louise, 3 years old) to Isabel! Paul

colin pantall said...

Thank you Paul for all your hard work. It was an epic task - and love from Issy to Louise!

Good luck with the slideshow!