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Monday, 15 December 2008

Beauty and Joy

Waldemar Dispersion at the ICA in The Sunday Times

It's savage stuff, but you do get the idea that the correction in the art/photography market is going to shake things up in oh so many ways. Januszczak savages random uses of appropriation and the archive. He dismisses one artist whose blurb says his work “engages in a critical investigation of the notion of the archive”. Not so, says W.J who reckons the artist "...enjoys collecting postcards. So what?"

So what indeed! How do we get over our predelictions for appropriation, the archive, the family, the typographic and the taxonomic, all the things that meet with the appropriation of the knowing and good, but lack a little heart and soul. Januszczak reckons a little beauty and joy wouldn't go amiss.

"Dispersion ought to have been a useful measuring event, some sort of distillation of today’s sampling urges and quotation kicks. Instead, it’s a show about the tragic aesthetic collapse of beauty and joy: a miserable little nerds’ reunion created out of the dull obsessions of a lifeless gang of second-rate thinkers and actors who don’t get out of the house enough and whose grim, grey tastes bring as much uplift to the visiting art-lover’s soul as a wedding at Haringey Civic Centre. I know exactly what to get all these participating artists for Christmas — a life."

Read the whole thing here.

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