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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Juliana Beasley's New Blog

Forget the photographic navel gazing, expand your horizons, the wonderful and altogether lovely Juliana Beasley has just started her own blog, Juliana's Lovely Land of Neurosis. Juliana will look at everything from her new work to life, drugs and dogs.

Also be sure to check out her Monday posting when the above images go on sale on her website, 18 x 18 inch prints in editions of 15 for only US$250 for Frieda and Miss Reingold and US $300 for the Leopard Lady. I have the Leopard Lady up on the wall here in Bath. It is not always happy viewing, but it is always fabulous and evocative of a forgotten time and a forgotten place. Long live The Rockaways!


mark page said...

It's great her "Rockaways" project. It makes me won't to go see the place.

mark page said...

And meet the people and Juliana,

colin pantall said...

It would be great wouldn't it Mark, but I'll take a slightly more tropical beach holiday. With a few more palm trees.