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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Elijah Gowin

I saw Elijah Gowin's Falling and Floating work on Manchester Photography.

The pictures are made with an intricate technique that puts found images through traditional printing, photoshop and cut-and-paste the old-fashioned way - using scissors.

I don't know how much the subject matter owes to the technique. There are multiple interpretations you can put on these images, especially the falling ones, and to a certain extent, the high-contrast muted pallete helps to that end.

There's a lot going on in them even though they seem so simple - and that's what I like above the arts and craftiness. A little bit Rodchenko, a little bit sci-fi, a little post-apocalyptic, a little bit 911 all twisted into a nostalgic childhood memory idyll.

The more you look the more you see in other words - something quite rare.

See more images at http://www.robertmann.com/artists/gowin

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