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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Good Luck Obama

Good luck to Barack Obama. I know where I'll be at 5pm GMT today. I also know the disappointment is lurking around the corner, I know I should be cynical and say he'll end up corrupted by the power he'll be surrounded with, but still, I like to think he won't. He's already achieved so much by becoming president and the sheer fact that he can say things like Hope and Change and Yes, We Can and not sound unbelievably trite stands as an achievement in itself.

So good luck Obama, good luck America and good luck the world. Be an example that all of us can believe in. We need that.


Darrell Eager said...

Thank you my friend but the reality is U.S. presidents have a greater effect on the rest of the world
than on the people of the U.S.A.. So my best wishes to you and the rest of the world. I'm very happy
and I hope you will be too.

colin pantall said...

We're all happy, but maybe he'll have an effect on the USA as well, Darrell. Stay with the love for a while.

Our next prime-minister and claimant of change will be David Cameron, a man who got his first job by having his uncle at Buckingham Palace make some telephone calls. So I'll share in the love and have a piece of Obama till things turn sour - unless they don't!

Anonymous said...

I first starting hearing the odd rumors about Obama just before he was elected. His own admissions of heavy drug use. His Fascist connections. His grandmother's (and other family's) admissions of his birth in Keyna. That same grandmother's "untimely" death. Later I learned of his Arabic heritage - much more that that of his black blood. I've seen his accidental reference to his Muslim faith, which he deftly covered. I've seen him use hypnosis techniques and flagrantly "flip off" opponents in his speeches - surreptitiously, of course. Almost everything I've learned about this man, is, in fact, of a surreptitious character. I've since learned so much that I can no longer be proud of a black president being elected. This man is neither black, nor elected, by any legal standard. Only last night I learned of college students who were targeted, bused to locked-in conventions for the man, and held to oaths of secrecy for what was said there. Never before have I been so afraid, for this and a hundred other reasons. Hope? Change? The changes we see are redistributing the wealth from the middle class to the very wealthiest, and at an alarming rate. Fear is being used to create changes that we should NEVER allow.
Hitler said, "Tell a lie... make it a big one. Tell it repeatedly". One thing we know for a certainty, Obama has studied his history well.
Good luck to us all, if our Constitution falls, my friends. I never dreamed of living in a third world country, did you?