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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Juliana Beasley polaroids

Juliana Beasley has posted a series of her polaroids on her blog here.

In her Lapdancer book they are small and sink into the cover pages, but here they jump across the screen and, together with Juliana's text, give more of a feel for the social mechanics of dancing.

As Juliana says:

"The following Polaroids are bits of my personal treasure-trove, memories of working in a "theatre" strip club in a strip mall on Kapiolani.

Two of the photos are from Queens and New Jersey, but all have one theme in common. I decided to have a "fan photo" taken with various feature dancers as a mimicry of customers who often paid for the same service, in order to take a token of the nights evening, and the dancer, away and home with them."

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