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Monday, 5 January 2009

The repeated things we live by

The BJP had an interesting interview with Jeffrey Silverthorne last month in which he said "I like working in ordinary spaces such as the kitche, bathroom or basement. They are places of transformation and alchemy and for storage of the collective unconscious.

It is the repeated things that we mostly live by. Maybe those things are experiences, or maybe they are desires and fears that may never happen. But if they are repeated, then they have weight and resonance. Lif is many kinds of relationships. The beautifully difficult thing to do as a picture-maker is to try and make use of what is most usual to resonate with the viewer - aspects that are not simply applied or illustrated in the photograph."

More on Jeffrey Silverthorne at Arles here. and at Vu here.

Above are Women who died in her sleep and Young boy hit by a car. See more images here.

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