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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Clare Strand and the Camera Club

Clare Strand is one of those promiscuous photographers who flips from genre to genre, but still manages to preserve her own way of seeing throughout.

In the intro to her new book published by Steidl, it says

"...Strand’s art has developed through a series of increasingly interesting and unique projects that have explored various photographic genres, from Victorian portraiture to crime scene and forensic photography. In these series she has dwelt on the oddity of photography’s strange backwaters, its utilitarian functions and its infiltration of every corner of our lives, to make us question the value and complex meanings of photographic images."

In 1998, Strand took part in an amateur photo-competition at Ilkley CameraClub. Together with
Martin Parr, Jenny Saville, Joachim Schmid, John Kippin and Clive Landen, she put herself to the test of the club's judge in time-honoured Camera Club tradition. Each picture was marked out of 20 and the winner awarded a trophy. As it says on the website,

"The Photographs found in amateur camera clubs and art galleries might seem worlds apart, but how much depends upon the context in which photographs are seen? Could some camera club pictures be viewed as 'art'? How might renowned photographers fare in a camera club competition?"

See the results and comments here.

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