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Monday, 18 May 2009


I was going to do a How not to... post on Channelling other photographers (you know the kind of thing - mini Alec Soths: they've got the beard, they've got the camera, all that is missing is the talent). And one of those photographers people channel is Daido Moriyama.

The trouble is when I see work that reminds me of Moriyama, I almost always like it - as in these pictures of China by Wayne Liu. Actually these are very different in many ways to Moriyama, more attached and distant at the same time.

You can see more of Wayne Liu's work here and his fashion here.

It's anniversary time in China right now; the Sichuan earthquake happened just over a year ago. Boris Austin has a slide show of before and after images from the earthquake - it's a little unwieldy at times but there are some great images in there.

Also check out how government corruption is being covered up in the survivor's search for justice in this story - China's quake cover up.

And while we are in China, it's 20 years since the Tiananmen Square events got under way. See images and links to images (as well as references to Ma Jian's fantastic novel on the events, Beijing Coma) in this previous posting here - Tiananmen Square and Ma Jian. It's always good to remind ourselves of certain events, especially when those responsible for them are so keen on forgetting.

pictures: Wayne Liu

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