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Thursday, 14 May 2009

I've got a scanner and I'm going to use it continued

Further to my post on scanning, and I'm a sucker for scanners, both Charles Klein and Matt Chung sent me links to my work. Charles using the scanner as a low-tech digital back and Matt does body scans and large scale scans of the Detroit landscape.

Charles also sent me a link to The Scanner Photography Project and Michael Golembewski's work. He makes scanner cameras - pictured left is one of his later models but I prefer his early ones made with tape and string. Also shown is one of his fucked-up scanostreetoramas.

The question is how far can you go with this kind of thing and what exactly is the point of it? I'm not sure but it's inventive and perhaps that's enough.

Matt Chung happily explained the difference between photographing things using film and using a scanner.

"The main difference I see is on the technical side, the scanner interprets space differently and does not cause traditional distortion of space that a lens based camera would cause. Also the scanner provides its own light source creating unique photo fidelity, resulting in a highly detailed duplication of the surface. The texture and information that a scan provides allows a new look into the marks, layers, and interactions of the surface and I hope inspires deeper contemplation of the commonplace."

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Matt said...

I was going through my google reader today (I am way behind) and saw you posted my work! Thanks!