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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

the Blogger Considers His Next Response


cafe selavy said...

The cartoon, then, would fall into the category of "Blogger's Response." Funny.

colin pantall said...

That's it - someone else's idea. And I have some other posts to fit into the scheme of things.

cafe selavy said...

I post every day and each post could fall into one part of the brain schemata. What I do is pretty silly, I think. Your post tempts me to shut my site down. Then I think again that nobody needs subject themselves to my schlock unless they have been sentenced by a court of law for moral turpitude or some other heinous crime.

Your posts are always stimulating. I am too tempted to comment on each.

Now you need a chart of the Blogger Responder's Brain. That will send me over the edge.

colin pantall said...

I was thinking of myself when I made the list - you might well be able to tick them off in the coming weeks - though the stunning insight will be hard to come by.