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Thursday, 7 January 2010

Jacob Rees Mogg - Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Oh Dear, I watched Invasion of the Body Snatchers the other day and then I saw this in the paper- Jacob Rees-Mogg, Conservative candidate for North-east Somerset - his constituency begins at the end of the road I live on and covers our allotment. If I have a problem with slugs, Jacob's my man of the people.

We have missed the cold, visceral hatred of party politics since Thatcher resigned - all we've had is cold, visceral contempt (for the Tories, for Blair - Brown gets only pity and disdain). We may have had a delusional public schoolboy in Blair as prime-minister but  we haven't had a true hunting-fishing-shooting-is-my-world Old Etonian prime minister for a long, long time (Macmillan was the last and he was the kind of  One Nation good egg who would be far too extreme for the underbelly of Cameron's Conservative Party).

But an election is coming and that's all about to change. An Old Etonian is going to be prime-minister, the nineteenth Old Etonian to be prime-minister of this country. What's more we'll have an Old Etonian Chancellor and an Old Etonian as Mayor of London. So all change there then - loads of hope.

The honeymoon will be short.


Mark Page said...

Come back to Mancunia always Etonian free....

colin pantall said...

Ah, there you are Mark. Anyways, Mancunia awaits - but it's a bit too rough for me, Mark - I'm more Stockport/Cheshire than you Manchester rough types. I'll take the underhand snobbery of Bath anyday. Snotty at times (especially school pick up times - this year but not last.) but with a view of Solsbury Hill out the front door. Lovely. Have a tea cake!

Mark Page said...

Surely it's a 'Lunn cake'? in Baarfff. It is God Damn pretty there though.