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Friday, 28 May 2010

Fresh and Wild Explorations, Presentations, Portrayal and Creations

Fresh and Wild is the showcase of this year's UK graduates and here are a load of photographers from the Review Santa Fe.

The Fresh and Wild photographers are interested in, inspired by and focussed on.The photographers depict, attest, empower, evoke, evolve from, give a visual voice to, document (or attempt to), create, emote, consider, explore (or aim or attempt to), portray, capture, record, find and present.

We all know what they mean and we all do it ourselves but sometimes it just reads a little too formulaic. It kills the love. And that's a shame because I think the selection this year has more energy than in previous years.

The questions is which ones do you like, and which ones will do well. They're not the same and that's not even taking into consideration the ability to network, handshake, know the right thing to say, be presentable and financially viable. God, that's blown the cover on just a few of my limitations. This is 2010 and photography is for the socially ept and temporarily concerned.

The portraits above are by Steven Barritt,  David Plummer and Maria Kapajeva.

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