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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Ooh, it's June already. Have a lovely summer

Ooh, it's June already. Have a lovely summer. Enjoy the World Cup, the weather and the water wherever you are.

I will be back in September.


Mark Page said...

Three months! three bloody months?!
Have a good summer our kid.

rajivk said...

Hi Colin,

Really like your blog. Have a great summer.

The bloody hot summer in Delhi (nearly touched 47 degrees this year) will hopefully end soon with the arrival of the monsoon in a few weeks :-).

colin pantall said...

Thanks Mark and Rajiv - have a good one. Glad you like the blog, Rajiv. Send some of the Delhi heat over to the UK and you can have our rain!

Stan B. said...

Whoa! June 21st. pardner... Summer starts on June 21st! Read the contract and man that keyboard- you got another three weeks left, pal!

colin pantall said...

This is England - Summer doesn't start. Summer is a state of mind, Stan.

erik chevalier said...

I look in to your blog every day or two and enjoy it very much so thanks for now and have a good summer

colin pantall said...

Thanks Erik - you too.