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Monday, 27 September 2010

My Turkish Haircut

We went on holiday to Turkey this summer. This is my Turkish haircut.


Timothy Archibald said...

That's you? It looks like an out take from the movie Fight Club. Who woulda' known?

colin pantall said...

You got me, Tim. But is it an Ed Norton Out take or a Brad Pitt one? Hey, I thought we agreed never to talk about Fight Club!

Darrell Eager said...

I was thinking Stanley Kowalski from "A Street Car Named Desire".

colin pantall said...

Thanks Darrell - Fight Club and Stanley Kowalski: kind of classy, somewhere in there, in a bad kind of way.


Peter said...

Did you experience the fire?

See http://squidoo.com/turkishhaircut to learn about the full experience of getting a men's haircut in Turkey.

colin pantall said...

Oh yeah, I got the fire - the apprentice son of the barber did me and he didn't quite get the distance right. Ouch!