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Thursday, 16 September 2010

Vampire Weekend and Intern Aware

This article in Pitchfork looks at the use of vernacular photography in music advertising, leading in with this picture which seems to have been absolutely everywhere for the last few years - and a great picture it is too..

And this site, Intern Aware, is campaigning for rights for interns - in the political world of London for now, but the question is will this spread to photography and the worlds of art, journalism and fashion. I'm guessing not.


Ben Lyons said...

Hi Colin,

We're campaigning for all internships to be paid. We focused on parliamentary internships here as a way of drawing attention to the broader issue.


colin pantall said...

Thanks Ben - photography is a tricky area because organisations like Magnum have their internships (which correspond to the parliamentary internships) but there are also many, many informal internships (which sometimes have different names - like assisting) which fit the chaotic nature of the profession.

If you would like people to send you information on photographic/media interns, let me know and I'll do a post with your contact details up.

Ben Lyons said...

Thanks Colin, that'd be great. Please can people email info@internaware.org.