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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Panos Pictures Call for Submissions

A call for Submissions from Panos Pictures. Here is an interesting interview with Adrian Evans on what Panos in  lookinf for in a photographer and how the submission process has changed over the years.
Submissions guidelines are here.

I love the Tod Papageorge quote: If your pictures aren't good enough, you're not reading enough. 


What makes a photographer stand out to you?

‘Put bluntly someone who can explain why they take photographs, what they are trying to say in their photography and who they are trying to say it to. In other words photographers who think about their practice and their audience. It is incredible how few photographers do this.
I’m looking for photographers who can interpret the world around them, rather than just illustrate it – Panos isn’t a wire agency. A photographer should have their own vision and aesthetic.’

‘Equally important is the ability to tell new stories or to tell existing stories in new ways. There is nothing more refreshing than seeing a story or subject I haven’t seen photographed before. Too many photographers forget about the importance of identifying and researching stories. Think before you shoot. I recently came across a quote by Tod Papageorge on David Campbell’s excellent blog. He said “If your pictures aren’t good enough then you’re not reading enough.” That sums it up for me.’

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