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Monday, 21 March 2011

The Floating Portrait of Hitler's Head

The above picture is from a US archive set of unearthed images of  Eva Braun (sunbathing, partying, hanging out with Nazis, in blackface..) from the Daily Mail, the questions being what does 'unearthed mean' and why is there a Getty stamp on them? Most impressive is the World of Interiors portrait of Hitler - his head is kind of floating. Even more impressive are the comments - if you ever need a collective commentary of the readership of the Daily Mail, look no further than some of the comments. My favourite:

The Nazis did believe in political correctness. Not the same political correctness that pollutes Britain these days, but a very strict form of political correctness nonetheless. And it was rigorously enforced with guns and concentration camps, which at least isn't happening here. Yet.

Read more about what 'unearthed' means but not why they have a Getty stamp  here.


mark page said...

The bigger question should be "Why the bloody hell are you reading THE MAIL ONLINE?"

colin pantall said...

Because I know it makes sense, Mark.

And it seems like the only, possible natural successor now that Manchester Photography has come to an end. It's the common sense solution.