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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Search questions

These are some of the search questions that led people to this blog over the last week. Any Answers?

Did Francis Bacon influence Jill Greenberg?

Can dogs really play poker?

How did John Heartfield create his posters?

What is Tory Scum?

How does Shah Rukh Khan edit photos?

Where does Myra Hindley stand in feminist categorical theory?

Was Sally Mann ever arrested? 

Where can I buy unobtainium?

What is the effect on a child whose mother works?

How do I get that Daido Moriyama look?

What are two novels with the same theme?

What can I do with leftover pallets?

How do I play Baby Tennis?


cafe selavy said...

I don't know. . . I think you've already answered these.

colin pantall said...

I haven't.

Robert Green said...

i can state categorically that jill has been/continues to be influenced by francis bacon, and has new work that is even more clearly in that direction.

Jose Guilis said...

I'm pretty sure dogs can't play poker as they can't handle the cards. For the rest, I'll google them and get back to you in no time :-)

colin pantall said...

Thanks Jose. That's gratifying to hear.

Loved the McCain pictures, Robert. What's Jill's latest project?

Robert Green said...

the glass ceiling series and horses (she's doing a book of those) are going to be linked by some feminist backdrop that i will let jill discuss rather than out it here (she's at RISD this week doing a presentation on female body image). but she has another series that i don't see on her site that has a heavy bacon influence--so much so that it is a departure from what she's done in the past.

she has an opening in amsterdam on the 2nd at jaski gallery--come on by readers of this blog who are there!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the unobtainium question, what a classic.