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Friday, 8 April 2011

Equality/Inequality and Cuts photography

Image copyright Philip Wolmuth

Picture by Philip Wolmuth

Further to a previous post, here are some photographers working on the current political situation in the UK. Philip Wolburn is working on how community organisations (including photographic organisations) are being hit in North London, Pete Williams on the transformation of a Wandsworth hospital into a free school and Jonathan Warren on the protests and marches that have accompanied the cuts in both the recent governments.

If you know of anyone else working in this are, do let me know.

Pete Williams (sorry no link to his work) also sent me this competetion on equality/inequality.
There are just nine days left in which to submit your entry to our first photo competition, The Spirit Level: images of [in]equality.

As announced a few weeks ago, we are looking for photographic representations of both equality and inequality, photos that can help tell the story of the massive gap between rich and poor in the UK and that can inspire us to take action. Everyone is welcome to take part, from established photographers to complete beginners.

Full information is available here .

You can take a look at the entries we've received so far on our flickr page . Photos submitted so far have covered issues from homelessness to poor-quality housing, and have drawn attention to the juxtaposition of opulent hotels and adjacent immigration deportation centres, loneliness, and the negative role of advertising.

Finally, please bear in mind:

- as we campaign on income inequality, we are looking for images of income [in]equality, rather than for example racial, gender or sexual [in]equality, although of course these inequalities often overlap and can influence each other

- the evidence presented in the The Spirit Level is based on richer countries and inequality within society in these countries, rather than international inequalities or international poverty

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