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Monday, 4 April 2011

On the Cheap

I don't really like reading about the technicalities of photography and printing. So often it appears to be anobfuscatory exercise in how complex, expensive and unattainable photography is, using equipment that is above and beyond anybody but the most practised professional.

This kind of writing closes doors. It can make us feel inadequate in the face of larger pockets than our own. It stops us doing things. It is elitist and, in a strange way, intimidatory with its high-budget and technical bravado.

So it was nice to see a couple of projects that appeal to the low budget end of our community - the ideas are still intimidating, if only because the people who are doing them do them so well. First up is this make-your-own cheap large format camera
, courtesy of Mrs Deane. The idea here is that you can make large format prints for a few quid - and the making becomes part of the art. I love it. I want to do it. See the results here.

Next up is Little Brown Mushroom's handtipped album, Conductors of the Moving World. Low tech is the order of the day and the book looks fascinating - it comes in an edition of 500, which is a lot of handtipping. 

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simon anstey said...

technique will set you free