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Monday, 16 May 2011

Is racial equality in photography a valid What's Next? question? Discuss the issue on this blog post.

So Foam did their What's Next thing and asked people to post their own questions. Stan Banos at Reciprocity Failure Blog (Stan is American and has an interest in race in photography) posted this question on the Foam site

When will we finally see people of color not only in front of the lens serving as ample, year round subject matter, but also as: photographers, judges, editors, gallery owners, workshop presenters and festival organizers in some representative proportion beyond mere tokenism?

It didn't show up, possibly because it is not the easiest to navigate site. So Stan posted it again. Rather than post the whole question with an opportunity to answer on the Foam site, Foam then posted this comment, bouncing the question back to Stan's Reciprocity Failure blog.

Is racial equality in photography a valid What's Next? question? Discuss the issue on this blog post.

Stan reckons this is a roundabout way of avoiding the issue.  This is what he says..

"Here is a site that purports to be about a search into the future of photography, a site that is specifically asking for questions concerning the future of the medium, questions that will encourage conversation. And yet, they have neither the room nor the desire to post a question concerning one of the most fundamental inquiries imaginable- basically, who gets to play the game? Yeah, I really do think that question could initiate dialogue- hell, I can guarantee that!  And yes, I really do think it's a dialogue critical to the future health and welfare of any medium or art form.

This is Stan's post in its entirety.

So what do you think? Is this a reasonable question to ask a site endeavouring to find the future of photography? Or is it a stupid question?

Reasonable Question?

Stupid Question?

What do you think?

What do you think? 

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