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Monday, 6 June 2011

Random Conversations #8 - The Man

I: Is Jack Black the Man?

Me: Definitely not?

I: Does he work for the man?

Me: Sometimes, yes.

I: Is David Cameron the Man?

Me: He wants to be the Man and sometimes he thinks he's the Man, but he's not. But he does work for the Man. He is a slave to the Man. The thing is the Man doesn't really exist, but just thinking of him kind of makes him exist. Some people think they're the Man...

I: Like Simon Cowell.

Me: Exactly like Simon Cowell.

I: But he's not the Man, is he?

Me: Not even close..

I: He's not important enough to be the Man. Does Wayne Rooney work for the Man?

Me: Yes, but he doesn't know it.

I: How about you? Do you work for the Man?

Me: Depends on the job. When I'm teaching I kind of half work for the Man. All teachers have to work for the Man a bit, especially when filling in forms

I: How about when you're taking pictures? Do photographers work for the Man?

Me: Depends on how much money they make? The more money they make, the more they work for the Man. The less they make, the less they work for the Man - but the more they want to work for the Man. Most of the time anyway. On the sly.

I: So you don't work for the Man?

Me: No.

I: Good for you, dad. I'm not going to work for the Man when I grow up.

Me: No, no, no!

(conversation continues for another 20 minutes)


Deborah Parkin Photography said...

What a great conversation .. you don't need to go to university when you have kids .. they question you, make you think, knock out your pretentiousness. This reminds me of a conversation I had with my 9 year old son the other day .. he was asking me what tax was & then what was public and private. I found myself having to correct a few things as if the 80s had never happened .. like are trains public? Gas, Electricity? Then he asked if we pay for war .. he looked incredulous when I said, 'yes, a lot'.
I am loving these random conversations.

colin pantall said...

Thanks Deborah. I've had the war conversation - and the tax one. It peels back the layers of my ignorance which is what the whole series is about really.