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Friday, 23 September 2011

Maciej Dakowicz makes the best pictures of people drinking. The ones above are from Cardiff. He made them a couple of years ago but now they are on the Mail Online. Cue outrage!

Now everyone laugh at Britain - Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

Well done, Maciej - that makes them even better than they were to begin with.

See all the pictures here - and the great thing is they are funny, laugh-out loud funny.


Stan B. said...

The Boris Mikhailov of Great Britain!?

BTW-- Love the new look on the blog- and the Scot Sothern interview on GOMMA.

JuJu said...

I love this work... I guess you already guessed that. Thanks for sharing it. It's all the rage!

colin pantall said...

I don't know about the Boris bit, Stan, but they are fabulous. I love them too, Juliana, they are so direct and simple but thoroughly human too.

mark page said...

Seems a bit easy.

colin pantall said...

In what way, Mark?

Deborah Parkin Photography said...

Mark's comment is really interesting. I can see what he means on the surface .. just by wondering around the Quayside in Newcastle on a weekend night you can tell that it would be a great, controversial (?) project/series. However, the subject may be easy pickings but the reality of doing work like this is far from easy. I had to do street photography in my first year at uni and I did the Quayside, I went when it was relatively quiet .. around teatime. It was the most terrifying thing photographically I have ever done. I actually spoke to all those I photographed but I also had to turn on the charm and actually behave as a vulnerable female when photographing a load of drunks who had been to the match. I was always playing psychological games when taking the pictures. Some were happy for me to take the picture, some were threatening .. I didn't like it at all and yet got a real buzz when I developed the work. Ever since then I really do admire those who go out and document the streets .. I know I can't do it.

colin pantall said...

I agree. It's an obvious thing to photograph and in that sense it's very simple. But I couldn't do the job that Maciej did - and seeing as Maciej is the first person to do such a brilliant (if narratively simple) job, we're left to assume that nobody else could do that good a job.

Simple ideas are the best ideas and Maciej has executed his brilliantly!

mark page said...

Sorry it's took me abit to get back. Colin What about Tom Woods 'Chelsea Reach' pics back in the 80s just for starters nevermind the millions on flikr. Anyway easy because of all the points that deborah picks up in the first few lines of her comment.These are to photography what 'Police Camera action' is to documentary making. Lets take stock here. The guy is taking pictures in the UK it's hardly Don McCullin dodging bullets. They give me no more to think about than a walk home from the pub any weekend night. It's freshers up here now if he really wants to take pictures of drunks. Take a look at his Blackpool series to see how little he understands, One silly cliche after another.
It's the same as me going to Poland and coming back with loads of pictures of carp being kept in a bath for Christmas dinner.

colin pantall said...

I hear what you are saying, Mark - lots of people have done pictures of city centre Britain at night - but I still think these are different with humour, a touch of love and a simplicity. Tom Woods did pictures inside a club which is quite a different space to outside, on the street and something many, many people have done very successfully.

I think the Police, Camera, Action comment is a tad unfair - the key to PCA is to create a sense of unfulfilled expectation, it's bathos in moving pictures - these are quite different.

I, for one, couldn't make these pictures and I don't think anybody else has made them quite as successfully. Peter Dench is close though.

You're right about the Blackpool ones, they aren't nearly as successful, but we're not talking about those. And there are reasons for that.

And as for thinking - these aren't thinking pictures. That's not the point of them. They're not a sociological exploration into space, agency and empowerment. They don't have to be.

We'll see -when you get work like this, there will be a whole slew of people copying it - perhaps taking pictures of drunk Freshers (though that is very different).

The problem is there have always been loads of people trying to do this. And Dakowicz is the one that stands out.

Taking pictures of carp in the bath?