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Friday, 9 December 2011

Happy Christmas

Have a Happy Christmas. I'm off to make a gingerbread house!


Scott Martin said...

Happy christmas to you! You should wash that down with some of my home-made eggnog!

colin pantall said...

Why thank you Scott - that sounds delightful - if a little bit Kirsty Allsop! Oh well, nothing that a hand-made wreath won't cure. A Happy Christmas to you too.

Stan B. said...

I don't see a "best of, end of the year" list anywhere! Once again, you've managed to bestow nothing but contempt upon duly designated blogging protocol.

Think of that while you're sipping on your holiday hot toddies. What kind of a man are you!?

colin pantall said...

Top sweets on a Gingerbread House 2011:

1. Coconut Mushrooms
2. Smarties
3. Fudge
4. Licorice Allsorts
5. Jelly Babies

Now I can look you in the face again!

Happy Christmas Stan.

Stan B. said...

Did you know that everyone on the Leica Forums voted Coconut Mushrooms dead last? Worthy effort, nonetheless!

Season's Greetings!

(and let's not try extending the Lord's holidays into spring this time 'round)

colin pantall said...

What do Leica know about coconut mushrooms?

Fuck Leica!

And this is why!


Christmas is a pagan festival Stan. The truely Christian folk recognise this and behave accordingly - Christmas is sinful.


Stan B. said...

Now that's the Xmas spirit!

Deborah Parkin Photography said...

Merry Christmas to you Colin - it's good to see the Kirsty inside of you being set free - you put me to shame - I won't be showing my kids this.

colin pantall said...

Happy Christmas, Deborah. The gingerbread house is really easy and you can leave it a week before you eat it - the smell is amazing. Far better than the drek Kirsty Allstrop comes up with.

Use treacle/molasses, not syrup. You can make one icing to stick it together. Put what you like on top.