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Friday, 20 January 2012

Leo Maguire's Gypsy Blood

So I watched Leo Maguire's Gypsy Blood.last night. (see it here at Gypsy Blood if you are in the UK), and it's causing quite a stir - mainly because it's brilliant.

Animals are killed, children fight and the main character, Fred Butcher (in the top picture, Hughie Doherty below), almost gets beaten to death. But at the same time, it has sensitive, balanced, quiet moments where fears and doubts and vulnerabilities are expressed. This is the story Maguire tells, a story that, for all the nastiness, is nuanced and gets under the skin of ideas of fatherhood, masculinity and honour - and the contradictions inherent in those ideas, and how the main characters, Fred in particular, understands and grapples with those contradictions.  It's not just a nasty, glamorising spectacle of violence in other words. Maguire is properly good and I get the feeling that the world is going to hear a lot more from him.

Read about Gypsy Blood in Broadcast Now .


Richard Chiverton said...

Sensational documentary, I have never seen so much emotion packed in to two hours of television, I was absolutely captivated for the duration. Brilliant

colin pantall said...

I'm with you there, Richard. It kept a grip on you all the way through - apparently, they had about four hours of really strong material to cut down to 72 minutes and it was heartbreaking.

Here's an interview I did with Leo.


richatd chiverton said...

Keep up the good work Colin. I really think he could do a lot more on the 'underworld' I for one could introduce him to some really 'interesting' characters that would make brilliant television