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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Kony and the Scramble for Africa

I like a map and the map of the  Scramble for Africa  by European colonial powersafter the 1884 Berlin Conference is one of my favourites; it cuts through the rhetoric in its money grabbing venality.

Below is a map of the current buying of land in Africa by various countries, China at the forefront.

So I watched the Kony film with the two maps in mind -  and I wondered how a film that essentially calls for US military training, advice and involvement (that's a gross simplification, but we're in simplification territory here) in Uganda could be anything other than part of that same struggle for power and influence.

And that's about it - that's all I could really think of to say on the subject. It's a gross over-simplification I know, but I couldn't get beyond it. I really couldn't.

More on US land grabs here and this is the Oakland Institute's report on The Great Land Grab: Rush for World’s Farmland Threatens Food Security for the Poor.

Larry Burrows photographed some US advisors working in South Vietnam in 1962, providing training, advice and involvement.

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Stan B. said...

A complex problem, no easy solution- I'd like to give the Invisible Children movement the benefit of the doubt. At the very least, they've put the Kony name on the map, and not in a good way- if someone else has the better plan to apprehend him (and avoid the usual negative consequences you're so right in bringing up), please, the time to publicize and act is now...