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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Faces with Feeling

So a while back after Kim Jong Il died I watched all the videos of weeping North Koreans and wondered if it was for real - or how much of it was for real. I grabbed a load of pictures as you do and put them to one side. But then upon reading about Dr Killian and his Facies Dolorosa; an attempt to use photography to visually portray the sentiment of an illness, to get a physiological and psychological truth from a picture, I thought perhaps you can do the same with the mourning North Koreans.

But then I thought why stop at sorrow, why not include delerium, ecstasy and disbelief. So I found some faces that seemed to exhibit those traits from footage (including Mishka Henner's wonderful video of his dad walking across the pitch in a dream state) of Man City's incredible last-gasp victory against QPR on Sunday.

And to add to the mix, I wondered if studious expressions, expressions of thoughtfulness and intelligence could be captured, and at what stage do expressions have integrity and lose integrity, and when do pictures collapse beyond all recognition. So I included some pictures of some lovely and talented University of Newport Documentary Photography students at a lecture I gave last year.

So that is the background to these three series: Facies Dolorosa Korea Aquilonem, Facies Beatitudinis and Facies Documentali Consequat Alumni.

More of Facies Beatitudinis below.


Deborah Parkin Photography said...

I love these - can't put it any better - portraits with feeling.

colin pantall said...

Thanks Deborah - in celebration, I shall re-enact Kun Aguero's goal again and watch Mishka Henner's video of his dad.

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