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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Ray Bradbury: All in a Summer Day

I remember reading a lot of the late Ray Bradbury when I was younger, but the stories that really stuck with me were The Illustrated Man and All in a Summer Day, both of which I saw on TV.

I watched The Illustrated Man when I was quite young. It elevated Rod Steiger to superstardom in my young eyes and gave me a deep-seated fear of men with that Rod Steiger look in their eyes.

All in a Summer Day was made in 1982. It is about a class of schoolkids who live on Venus, a place it is always raining, where  the sun only comes out for a few hours every seven years; and what happens to one girl when the school class is let out for that one sunny afternoon - and she misses out.

I told my daughter and wife the basic story this morning (without giving away the ending) and they were traumatised. You want to know what it's like living in England. Watch All in a Summer Day.


Lisa v said...

Very intriguing. I'd watch it if I could find it.


colin pantall said...

Click on the youtube link and it should play.