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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Clear Cut by Christoph Soeder

So I was working at the University of Wales today making little photo books when in walks doc phot student Christoph Soeder with his handmade accordion book, Clear Cut. I am going to post something later in the year on this,but I had to get the book up for this coolest of cool (see also Stacy Kranitz, Owen Harvey and Mike Brodie) weeks.

It's basically a collection of portraits shot at a barber's shop in Newport. What makes it so cool is that the cover matches the barber's capes worn by the subjects, the snap buttons that makes it work as both a regular book and an accordion book, and of course the pictures. I don't know if Christoph is going to make any more of these but I hope he does.


Stan B. said...

Brilliantly conceived and executed portraits presented... brilliantly!

colin pantall said...

Thanks Stan. I will post more on this later. There is a lot going on here and it looks great.