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Monday, 11 March 2013

Long Hair, Stan Shuttleworth and the Importance of Having a Hobby

I love the image above by Maryam Sahinyan was posted by Rosa Verhoeve on Facebook - it'sfrom a show at Foam.

Continuing on the same theme, Rosa posted another picture, this time from an unknown photographer (as in I don't know who the photographer is) in Barcelona.

And then Rosa posted some pictures by Stan Shuttleworth, an American photographer who loved long hair and sought out women with long hair - then photographed them. A man needs a hobby and Stan certainly had one.

For more images, go here.


Stan B. said...

Not as bad as extra long fingernails, or hairy legs for that matter- but still kinda creeps me out...

colin pantall said...

One can't help but feel there is an underbelly to all this, but that's not where the blog is at today, Stan.

Happy Face!!!