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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Briony Oates and Niall McDiarmid Street shots

The latest Magnum Showcase winner is Briony Oates for her intimate story on her brother, Jordan. This is what Christopher Anderson said about her work.

"I chose the work of Briony because her work is emotionally intimate. I feelthe presence of the subject and her connection to it. There are visuallynice elements as well, particularly the use of light, but the most important is that I felt something when seeing the images. For me, this is what photography is about: communicating emotion, not "pretty" pictures.

The pictures  above are from Briony's Anti-Social Network, part of her graduation project at the University of South Wales/Newport - which is where I teach so there might be a little bit of promotion going on here as well.

I don't know, but the reason I like these pictures is because they are pretty - with big blocks of colour and a cross section of people with look interesting.

This kind of street portraiture is also practised by Niall McDiarmid who is wandering the UK gathering pictures for his Crossing Paths project - which I think will get more of a mention later in the year.

I saw McDiarmid speak at the excellent Miniclick Talk Series in Liverpool and he mentioned Daniel Meadows as an influence which is always a good start. But he also mentioned the importance of having big blocks of colour in his portraits - which is a refreshing and honest change of work that mixes Straight Ups, street and colour to rather lovely effect.

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